Gilles Hemery

I was born and raised in Brittany, France.

I love sailing. I started sailing at the age of 6 and never stopped.
I am the proud owner of Grand Citron Vert, a 45' catamaran by Erik Lerouge.
I have done a full refit of the boat to go sailing around the world.

I am sailing around the world! You can check where I am sailing right now on the oceans.
The link is

I lived in France, UK, Belgium, Malaysia and Singapore.
After Singapore I moved to Brittany where I spent 3 years refiting my boat to go sailing around the world.

I travelled worldwide, and will keep doing it as much as possible.
I share my trips and many more on my social networks. Check them in the bottom blue menu bar.

I love and listen to Jazz. Have you ever tried? You should listen to WBGO.

I believe in education. We should promote, help and support education in emerging countries.
I am personnaly involved in Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar with several kids and their families.

I like to think out of the box and look at what we do from different perspectives!
But may be there is no box! Isn't it true?

I have a more detailed résumé if you are in that sort of things.

I am not looking for anything special, except to enjoy life and to be happy.

Some of my favourite quotes:

  • Let's start by making happy those we want to make better.
  • Enjoy - Have Fun - Be Happy.
  • Be You and be OK with it.
  • Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
  • Own less, Do more.
  • Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did. So what are you waiting for?