MOT – Moment Of Truth

What is MOT – Moment Of Truth?

Jan Carlzon, president of Scandinavian Airlines, defined the ‘Moment of Truth’ in business with this statement:
“Any time a customer comes into contact with a business, however remote, they have an opportunity to form an impression.”
The MOT is the most important step to identify in the Customer Journey.

Four Moment Of Truth

According to Marketers, we can identofy 4 MOT:

  • ZMOT: Zero Moment Of Truth

    This is the first possible moment of contact between a brand or product and the customer. It’s when a problem/desire arises in the customer’s mind. They decide to get online and go hunting/investigating for the possible solutions.

  • First Moment Of Truth

    This occurs the first time a potential client comes into contact with your brand/products.
    It’s the impression that they form when they see the product/brand for the first time and begin learning about it.
    Proctor and Gamble say that this is the moment that marketers should concentrate their efforts on to turn potential customers into actual customers.

  • Second Moment Of Truth

    The Second Moment Of Truth is the ongoing relationship with a product/brand. The things your customers think, see, here, touch, smell, etc. about the product and the brand over the lifetime of the relationship.

  • Ultimate Moment Of Truth

    The stage when the user or customer begins to share their experiences with others and thus creates many more zero moments of truth.
    It is about transforming customers into BRand Advbocates.

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