We Are Social

What is “We are social”?

On Bloomberg: We Are Social Ltd., a global conversation agency, provides social media marketing and communications services to organizations worldwide.

The company helps clients to listen, understand, and engage in conversations in social media relevant to their brand, products, services, competitors, and sector.

It provides:

  • Consultancy services, including social media strategies development, training provision, helping to specify and recruit for social media roles, designing and implementing listening and responding programs, advising on crisis planning, and providing ad-hoc social media consultancy and advice; research and insight services, which include conversation audits, influencer research, and social media monitoring;
  • Engagement through influencer campaigns, conversation platforms, advocacy programs, community building and management, social applications, conversation response, and reputation management.

Several things are exteremely interesting with We are Social:

  • The blog bringing very interesting high level contribution in all aspects of socual media communication.
  • The reports are a source of information about the state of internet. Every year We are Social publishmany very detailed reports in collaboration with Hootsuites. These reports are the best source of information to undertand the state of internet, social media, users’ behaviour in the different countries.
  • The presentations on Slideshare, veru dense and interesting and extremely well done.

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